Color Sorters

The CF-Series Color Sorter allows you to scan grain based on pre-set characteristics, such as colour, and separate unwanted seeds from high-value grain, delivering huge returns for your operation. Our system uses a high-speed color camera to determine which seeds pass or fail. If they don’t meet acceptable standards, a puff of air from a compressor directs the seed to be reclaimed or sent to final reject, all in one pass.


 Main Features

Increased Productivity

Our dedicated, digital sorting engine is designed with a wide, flat chute to increase sorting speed and productivity.

Maximized Sorting Yield

An enclosed feeding assembly provides chute protection and better feeding while a precise ejection system determines good product from rejects at an alarming speed.

High Sorting Accuracy

Our high-speed, high-resolution (2,048 pixel) camera detects even the tiniest defects with accuracy due to advanced, full color RGB CCD imaging technology. For even more accuracy, optional infrared sorting can be incorporated to further reduce the number of foreign materials.

User Friendly Operation

Monitor the status of your machine in real time with a high-resolution touch screen and easily upgrade your software through USB.


Specially made ejectors, combined with optimized sorter timing, help to reduce carryover while a dual air supply helps defect sorting through stable air pressure.

Technical Data

Channels 180 300 420
Capacity (lbs/h) 4,500-22,000 7,000-35,000 10,000-55,000
Electrical 110V/220V, 50/60Hz, 1.8Kw 110V/220V 50/60Hz, 2.9Kw 110V/220V, 50/60Hz, 3.5Kw
Air Consumption 64CFM @ 90-120PSI 106CFM @ 90-120PSI 150CFM @ 90-120PSI
Weight(lbs) 2,200 3,000 3,900
Size(L x W x H)in 57 x 63 x 84 82 x 63 x 84 103 x 63 x 84