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Go beyond traditional field scounting with daily imagery insights. Proactively monitor crop health and take action with satellite imagery enhanced by DuPont Pioneer's data science models.

Snapshots of your fields track current conditions so you can take action before yield is impacted. Industry-leading exclusive Crop Health Index and Crop Health Difference maps help you track crop variability and prioritze areas that need the most attention.

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Go Beyond Field Notes

Imagery of every acre every day informs your field scouting efforts to maximize in-season management and operational efficiency for optimal yields. Features:

  • Industry-leading data science models "ground truthed" against Dupont Pioneer's extensive global yield and scientific field testing data
  • A more accurate estimate of your crop health by measuring reflected infra-red light (WDRVI - Wide Dynamic Range Vegetation Index)
  • ~ 3 meter resolution
  • 200+ earth-imaging low-orbit satellites circumnavigate the globe every 90 minutes
  • Supported crops: alfalfa, corn, coybean, wheat, canola, sorghum, sunflowers, grass seed, sugarbeets, potatoes, cotton, rice, processing tomatoes
  • Images updated daily depending on cloud cover

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